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Panasonic Launch Three New DJ Style Headphones

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Panasonic is pleased to announce the launch of DJS400, HX40 and HX45, DJ style headphones with outstanding design and tuned sound for street usage.

Headphones are not only a listening device, but also a fashion statement and each of the new models will be the best option to fulfil those needs with their great sound and urban aesthetics.


Panasonic’s design team have created the DJS400 headphones so they are visually appealing when being used and also when hung around the neck. The combination of two vivid colours make the model really stand out on the street.

Swivel Mechanism
To make it ideal for outside usage, Panasonic has adapted the swivel mechanism to DJS400, this makes the model hand-portable and also highlights the double colouring of housing when the model is hung around the neck.

Tuned Bass for Massive Beats
When listening to a digital portable audio player with normal headphones, the bass sound tends to be drowned out, especially when used on the road. The driver unit of DJS400 avoids this as it has been tuned to enhance bass sound, making it ideal for city use.


Simple and slick design
The appearance of HX40 is outstanding. The minimal design with coloured accent ring makes the model look perfect with the latest portable digital audio players and also the perfect choice for use with iPod / iPhone products.

Hybrid Diaphragm for superb sound
A compact speaker housing tends to result in narrow sound frequency range. To create compact headphones without sacrificing the sound quality, Panasonic has adapted a unique Hybrid Diaphragm. The speaker diaphragm (moving part) is made from soft material (PU) on its rim part, and hard material (PET) on its inner part.

The combination of PUs smooth movement and PETs rigid sound vibration results in wide frequency range without distortion.

Easy carrying Flat Fold Design
The swivel mechanism found at the connection of the housing and the headband, make it possible for the headphones to be folded completely flat, allowing it to be stored with minimal space.


Hybrid Diaphragm speaker with large 36.0mm diameter
A compact speaker housing tends to result in narrow sound frequency range. To create compact headphones without sacrificing the sound quality, along with HX40, Panasonic has also adapted a unique Hybrid Diaphragm for this model too. For HX45, Panasonic has adapted this unique driver unit with a large diameter of 36.0mm to offer real Hi-Fi sound.

Quality Appearance
HX45 not only offers superb sound quality, it’s sleek polished design is also highly desirable and  creates the perfect match with iPhone and iPod classic.

Comfortable Head pad and Soft Ear pad
For long periods of use, HX45 is adapted with synthetic leather head pad and ear pads.

The noise isolating ear pads also contribute to the reproduction of Hi-Fi sounds.