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QOTW: Netflix, Amazon Prime or Now TV?

by Parm Mann on 17 April 2015, 16:30

Tags: Netflix, Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), Sky

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The following Question of the Week was submitted by Sarah Kirby, who asks:

"I'm thinking of signing up to an online streaming service, so I'm looking for user feedback on which might be the best option?

There's not a lot on TV these days and Sky costs too much, so I want to get access to more shows and movies without running up big bills. I like to watch TV shows mainly and maybe a movie on the weekend, and my kids tell me I could get Netflix, Amazon Prime or Now TV on our main tele via the Xbox.

I want something that's as reliable as iPlayer with good picture quality, regular new content and also subtitles. Which is the best bet?"

Let's hear it folks, Netflix, Amazon Prime or Now TV? Share your thoughts and feedback on any or all options using the comments facility below.

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Amazon prime doesnt offer much of the goodstuff without paying extra
Now TV is seperated into sport(6.99 a DAY), TV and Movies with seperate subriptions.
Netflix is awesome, however I can feel it being dented by exclusives landing on other platforms.
I have a Netflix subscription, thought I would be bored of it after a few months but actually kept it going for about a year now, and ditched Sky.

I get occasional NowTV Movies subscriptions, but I won't pay the full rate. I have bought a couple of the NowTV boxes when they were on sale which ignoring the free hardware made for a better deal than just paying full rate.

NowTV and Netflix both do a 1 month trial. I did one, then the other before choosing Netflix.
I've been subscribed with Netflix for a few years because every once in while it's sometimes awesome, sometimes it's a disappointment. But that's due to the content, the quality has always been brilliant as long as the connection is good on my end.

From what I understand, their content is often utter tosh because Sky currently hold the streaming rights to a lot of digital content and IP so it means others like Netflix can't have it.

But the disappointment of lack of content is completely nullified when programs like Daredevil come out. Binge watched that like a tramp on chips.
The best thing about these services is that unlike you have with Sky TV, you can move month to month from one to the next. There is nothing stopping you from trying out Netflix for a month or two, following it with a few months of Amazon and so on, binge watching all the TV box sets you fancy in that time. Just make sure to go into your account and turn off auto renew each time you want to swap. Generally Now TV has had the poorest reputation of the three for reliability, but they have definitely made strides to improve on that front. Most people would find the other two very acceptable in quality.

Be aware that whichever service you might want to use you will want to make sure you are on a reliable and unlimited usage internet connection.

Playing devils advocate, maybe consider signing up to a Now TV pass to continue watching most of your current favourite Sky TV shows, and actually go old school and take out a Amazon disc by post subscription. All told you would only be looking at just under £15 for both, and you'd get a much broader (and generally more recent) set of films to choose from at the weekend too. Since you actually get two discs at a time with the disc subscription, you could then split one list for a film at the weekend and the second for another TV series that takes your fancy. When you consider some of the headline shows from Netflix etc are on disc anyway, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Vikings, Black Sails for example, you don't really have to miss out on what those services offer either.

Either way, good luck with your choices.
I had Amazon Instant Video (via Prime) for a while and was pretty underwhelmed. Seemed to be a pretty restricted choice, and invariably what I wanted to watch was “premium” content, so would have to pay extra. Even worse, the costs of IV's ‘premium’ content was more than the same title on Virgin Media's service.

Netflix is comparatively expensive, but I really like the idea that once the subscription is paid it's an “all you can eat”. Definitely worth the peace of mind - especially with two TV-obsessed teens in the house.

NowTV isn't a service I've tried.