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Warning: Orange has run out of jiffy bags!

by Parm Mann on 24 January 2008, 17:20

Tags: Orange (NYSE:FTE)

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Orange still in need of customer service schooling

Following calamitous customer service experiences with Orange, one of the UK's largest mobile phone operators, I declared early last week that "The future's dull, the future's Orange".

Having had to undergo the strenuous task of calling the Orange helpline once again, I'm now almost amused by just how bad its customer service truly is.

If you haven't yet read about my previous experiences with Orange, I'd recommend you do so now by clicking here as this article is a follow-up.

So, let me start again with my partner's broadband woes as she continues to struggle to change her broadband package from Home Starter to Home Select. After our visit to the Orange shop in Stafford, Amie, an Orange employee, had managed to get hold of someone in another department who switched my partner's package to Home Select. Job done.

Not quite, yesterday, my partner received yet another parcel from Orange and with it, a welcome letter once again reading "Welcome to Orange Home Starter". Accompanied by another modem, the letter apologised for the previous mix up and continued to baffle. How can it possibly be so difficult to get onto the Home Select package?

If that wasn't enough, my partner also received her first Orange mobile bill. Having fearfully opened the letter, my partner now faces a bill of almost double her monthly contract. With no break down of costs and no explanation anywhere within the bill, we've no idea where the charges may have occurred. Rather than face another demoralising call to Orange customer services, we've decided to take that bill into an Orange shop on the weekend where we'll query the charge. That'll be fun.

Then there's my personal predicament. If you've read my previous article, you'll know that I've been trying to upgrade my phone. On my Orange contract, I'd opted to upgrade from my current Nokia N80 to a HTC TYTN II. Unfortunately, the not-so-bright people at Orange sent out a HTC Touch instead. As you'll recall, I had to wait for a jiffy bag to arrive in which I could return the phone and upon receipt at Orange, I'd be able to order a HTC TYTN II once again.

Orange had stated the Jiffy bag would be with me in approximately 3 days. Over a week later, with no jiffy bag received, I called back to enquire and what I found was truly astounding. When asking if the jiffy bag had been sent out, the Orange adviser replied with "I'm afraid we've run out of jiffy bags".

Yep, you read that right, they'd run out of jiffy bags. The adviser then went on to suggest I send the phone to an address he provided, and Orange would reimburse the shipping costs. Still in awe of the "out of jiffy bags" comment, I had little else to say other than to agree. A day later, I'm still shocked.

Today, I called Orange once again, perhaps in the hope of a better resolution, but maybe some part of me was seeking more hilarious comments. Not quite as fun today, the lady at Orange advised that a jiffy bag had been sent out this morning and should be with me soon. Who's lying and who's telling the truth is anybody's guess, are they out of jiffy bags or is one on the way? Only time will tell.

As always, I'll endeavour to keep you updated on the dismal service from Orange. In the meantime, if you'd like to give the company a helping hand, please feel free to send a supply of jiffy bags to the following address:

Orange PCS Limited
Upgrade Returns
Banbury Logistics Centre
Appletree Road
OX17 1LL

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