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Micro-USB becomes European phone charger standard

by Scott Bicheno on 29 June 2009, 13:39

Tags: European Commission

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Wise concession

Proprietary mobile phone charger standards have been an annoyance to end users for some time as well as being a significant source of waste as people switch phone brands and discard their obsolete chargers.

This issue came to the attention of the European Commission (EC) and it suggested mobile phone handset and component makers ‘voluntarily' come up with a solution before it has to get medieval on them.

Wisely they have, and it's called Micro-USB. This is a slightly smaller version on the Mini-USB interface common in some phones and many consumer electronics devices like digital cameras and MP3 players.

The following companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding that was submitted to the EC today, committing to begin manufacturing on this basis from 2010 and thus pre-empting the need for legislation:

  • Apple
  • LG
  • Motorola
  • NEC
  • Nokia
  • Qualcomm
  • Research In Motion
  • Samsung
  • Sony Ericsson
  • Texas Instruments


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So that is another cable I have to have plugged in. I mean why could they just not have gone with mini-usb? Would have been so much easier

I notice HTC is not among those on the list…
+1 for preferred mini-USB, can't ever make anything simple… :angst:
All using 1 charger will be wonderfull, micro-usb rather than mini is a pain though.

My nokia N95 was a huge pain when i got it, mini-usb on the bottom for data syncing, yet it cant charge over mini-usb, have to use the Nokia chargers… huge pain when plugged into a pc
my SE charger was stolen ages ago when someone broke in to our car on our holiday….i never bought another one

got my really old set off lego out, and built a docking station for my w910i using the USB cable. TBH i even prefere it to the charger now, since its so much easier to come in plug it in and it charges while i move music, films around etc