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Orange to bundle Apples?

by Scott Bicheno on 26 March 2009, 16:51

Tags: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Orange (NYSE:FTE)

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Fruity combination

A deal between mobile phone operator Orange and Apple to bundle MacBooks with mobile broadband contracts has been reported as fact by

According to the report, discussions are at final stages between the two companies but there has been no official confirmation from either of them.

Initially the deal is expected to involve subsidized, but not free, MacBooks to be offered as part of long term contract using Orange's mobile broadband dongle, but reportedly Orange is hoping it will be a stepping stone to selling MacBooks and possibly netbooks with embedded Sim cards.

The report states that the deal will only be made available through Orange's direct channels.

If this deal does happen, presumably it would just be a matter of time until Orange at least joins, if not replaces O2, as an iPhone supplier.

Would you be tempted by such a deal? Let us know in the discussion forums.


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I'm all for this, providing the package isn't going to be as financially prohibitive as the iPhone.
What a load of poop. All these deals came with silly prices. When you look at contract length and price your paying, you'd be better buying the free gift and having a cheaper contract….

Its a new way for people to get laptops and stuff on a buy now pay later but through a mobile phone contract.
Only £34.99 a month for 5 years…
Its a new way for people to get laptops and stuff on a buy now pay later but through a mobile phone contract.

Yep, spot on Brewster - it's just a more “pub-anecdotally” acceptable way to kid ourselves into thinking it's really not that expensive after all and laud over others, who haven't skinted themselves out on the same deal.

Hope Mac do come out with a real netbook though - They already produce laptops, media players and 3G phones - so the hybrid will have some pedigree. I have a feeling that if they are making a proper new product for this it might be fun. :rockon2: