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Global PC shipments decline less than expected in 2014

by Ryan Martin on 28 November 2014, 15:15

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For the past five years, or thereabouts, the PC market hasn't been in great shape. The reason for the decline is fairly well-documented; the rise of increasingly powerful smartphones and tablets that make PCs redundant for users who only need access to basic tasks like email, media consumption and web-browsing.

The latest figures show that the decline of the PC market continues, but it certainly isn't as bad as previously expected. For 2014 research firm IDC claims that PC shipments have only declined by 2.7 per cent, a figure that was revised down from the previous estimate of 3.7 per cent. For clarification the term 'PC' encompasses pre-built desktops, all-in-ones, laptops and two-in-one (hybrid) devices, but doesn't include tablets.

The muted decline is a result of higher than expected shipments in the Japanese, North American and Western European markets. Windows XP's retirement and strong growth in Chromebook sales appears to have spurred a renewal of PCs. Total global shipments of PCs will hit 306.7 million by the the time 2014 is over.

In the future IDC expects PCs to face continued pressure from various mobile computing devices. In the broader PC market Microsoft and Intel have both been pushing partners towards developing new types of PCs such as hybrid devices, ultrabooks and Windows tablets in order to reinvigorate the PC market. Microsoft and its partners are also hoping the release of Windows 10 next year will boost sales of PCs although IDC analyst, Loren Loverde, doubts this will happen stating that "Windows 10 will not be enough to reinvigorate PC sales, and unlike previous upgrade cycles, there aren't applications or a single technology sparking upgrades within the enterprise."

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well, people realized that tablets are cool for content consumption, but they have a long way to really match laptops and desktops. So they are returning and use the laptops as second devices.

also the decline completely ignores a large portion of the market, the custom or build to order from various pc shops systems.
While we are few who we are going to build our systems from scratch, handpicking each part to get the better performance/price ratio, there are a lot of shops that can do the dirty job with results close to branded desktops in a much lower price (I don't compare the crap systems the shops build with really custom rigs, I have seen desktops to be advertised as gaming with intel HD 2500 graphics…).

I see all the time here when someone needs a computer is not gonna say “hey I need a PC, get me a dell”, he is more likely to walk into a random pc store and ask for a pc.
Those stores, no matter if small or big, prefer to build one from scratch, because they make more money and they can fix future problems themselves, or even sell tailor made upgrades.
I fully agree with the figures ignoring custom builds from local shops.
Mine has picket up lately but has never really seen a decline in either laptop or desktop sales.
We don't sell any brand name PC's unless asked specifically for one and we then order it.
Heh, current PC decline is caused by the stagnation of the PC itself.

Most ppl dont need desktops and those who have 3y old desktop are usually still enjoying its performance - at least i do.

Laptops starts to be interesting - especially those 2 in 1 - i just bought Surface Pro 3 and i am damn happy whit this - still i wont throw away my desktop anytime soon - not only for gaming but also for comfort working.
Now i only plan to buy an additional screen.

Those custom rigs you speaking about are huge issue for PC industry (i mean those bad custom rigs like “gamer” with intel HD4000 or GF 730) - ppl buying that and they cannot see the difference when they use laptops instead. The truth is, in the same price range a desktop should be far ahead to a laptop in the perception of the user (even nontechnical one) because this is actually the truth - also this may be a reason why ppl prefer known rigs.
Personally not going to get a pre-built system, and I suppose many others are in the same boat.
Generally cheaper to buy individual parts, and the figures which are shown on this article correlate that.