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ASUS launches NVIDIA 3D Vision notebook

by Scott Bicheno on 18 November 2009, 16:27


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An added dimension

ASUS has become the first PC vendor to incorporate NVIDIA's 3D Vision technology into a notebook, claiming them move exemplifies the two companies' "passion for gaming and cutting-edge technology".

Just to remind you, 3D vision requires both special NVIDIA specs and a 120Hz display so, in principle, it just required an OEM to incorporate such a display into a notebook to make this happen. Makes you wonder why it took so long.

The information we currently have is mainly from NVIDIA, but we can confirm that it's called the G51J 3D and that it will be launched globally next month. We're hoping for more from ASUS soon. Reports on the web have it priced at $1,700 and, while it will be a high-specced piece of kit, that may well be too rich for most people's blood.

NVIDIA trotted out some display manufacturers, including Samsung and LG, to pledge their support for 3D Vision, and it looks like at least a couple of other notebook OEMs - Clevo and MSI - will be joining the party next year.


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