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Microsoft offers 100GB free bonus OneDrive storage globally

by Mark Tyson on 20 February 2015, 10:05

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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Last week Microsoft started giving OneDrive users an extra 100GB storage for free, for two years, through its Bing Rewards programme. Interested cloud storage fans weren't required to redeem Bing Reward points only to sign up for a newsletter. The offer only worked in the US because that is the only region where the Bing Rewards programme runs.

Microsoft OneDrive users outside of the USA voiced their disappointment about being excluded from this 'freebie' and yesterday Microsoft opened up the extra free storage offer to anyone, worldwide, as noted by WMPowerUser. The 100GB extra storage link seems a bit convoluted, and I can't find the official source of it. However I tried it (I'm based in the UK) and it worked without a hitch. Kerching! - extra cloud storage free for two years that might be useful.

Dropbox users get an extra 100GB OneDrive storage

Have you used up your 100GB of extra storage already? Or perhaps you just like to hoard cloud storage. Well, if you have a Dropbox account you can get an additional 100GB free OneDrive storage, thanks to a new promotion Microsoft has put in place. As noted by NeoWin, all you have to do is visit the OneDrive bonus offer page and verify your Dropbox account. This extra storage expires in one year.

It's interesting to see this promotional campaign targeted at a competitor like Dropbox. The amounts of free space offered by Microsoft simply dwarf anything offered by Dropbox. I've just had a peek at my Dropbox account and when a certain Samsung promotion I have on the account expires in a few months I'll only have 2.9GB free space left on it. I know that Dropbox has a lot of integration in popular apps on Apple's iOS platform but how long can it take the pressure of a large company like Microsoft offering such generous cloud storage capacity for free?

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I haven't spent much time with OneDrive but like you (author) my extra samsung storage on dropbox is soon to expire and 100-200GB free storage is tempting. The problem is this is turning out like credit card juggling… Fill 100GB on one service for a year, get the next promo to move everything over for another year etc.

Might just throw a small amount of money at Google and be done with it (or buy a chromebook and get the storage for free).
The Chromebook offer is also time-limited IIRC?
Doesn't work for me. I just get this offer is not available in your region…
The Chromebook offer is also time-limited IIRC?

Ah just checked. Yes its also 2 years which is a shame.

Doesn't work for me. I just get this offer is not available in your region…

Yeah the 1st link doesn't seem to work, gives you the region error. The 2nd one works fine so I now have 129GB on OneDrive which isn't bad :)
The first link (Bing Rewards worldwide) seems to have expired - however since I've already gained the 100GB from that offer I can't do the same thing again…