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Microsoft creates a multi-billion-pixel Photosynth image of Seattle

by Mark Tyson on 27 January 2014, 12:30

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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Microsoft has recently published a new Photosynth art project, collaborating with over 100 local artists including photographers, videographers, software developers and editors. The collaborative work produced a 360 degree 20,000 megapixel panorama image which is peppered with 'Easter egg' artwork surprises.

The project, named 'Gigapixel ArtZoom' by Microsoft, consists of nearly 2,400 photos and Microsoft researchers believe it is "the most detailed image ever captured of Seattle."

Showcasing the firm's Photosynth technology and Image Composite Editor stitching technology, which are both available for free; the project was uncovered at the Seattle Art Museum. Like many other Photosynth projects it will is available for anyone to view online.

The main photos involved in the project were shot from the Bay View condominium building in October. However the final composite panorama includes many 'Where's Wally' like art projects by Seattle artists and performers hidden for users to find, these were during the weeks after the photo shoot.

On the website, users can pan and zoom around the image and if they look close enough, they will be able to find artists performing at different locations, public or private. Once found, users can learn more about each act as information pops up in a box.

Underneath is a screen shot of artists The Venn Sisters found on a rooftop:

To find out how the project was put together, take a look at the video underneath and explore yourself on the Gigapixel ArtZoom website.

Here's a gallery of some other hidden artist images, found within the panorama, for your convenience.

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