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Google Maps Easter Egg gives you access to Dr Who's TARDIS

by Mark Tyson on 14 August 2013, 05:15

Tags: Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), BBC

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An interesting Google Maps Easter Egg has been discovered which allows map browsers access to the legendary TARDIS. Doctor Who fans, and other interested parties, can find the Timelord's particular blue police box outside Earl's Court Tube station in London. However getting inside requires a different method, depending upon which Google Maps UI you are using...

See the double chevron/arrow? Click this or hover over and press the up arrow on your keyboard

If you look at the above screenshot, I have navigated to this area of London simply by clicking this Google Maps link, as supplied by TechCrunch. In the picture above you can see the area I am clicking and dragging around with the mouse, surrounded by the translucent white circle. Directly below that you can see a set of double arrows.

New Google Maps UI: Move the mouse pointer to the lower imagery bar and you will see a small image tagged 'See Inside'. This will transport you into the TARDIS.

Old Google Maps UI: Simply click the set of double arrows/chevrons to access the TARDIS.

Inside and exploring

Once inside you can explore to your heart's content enjoying the interior of this legendary sci-fi space and time travel vehicle. You can walk around and even under the central command computer console thingy to see the TARDIS interior from any angle.

UPDATE: Here is a direct link to the inside of the TARDIS. This link might be a bit less fun for some of you but may be useful in case of difficulty following simple instructions.