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SCAN2HEXUS reloaded - now simpler, easier, and open to all!

by Parm Mann on 20 May 2008, 13:55

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If you're not yet using our SCAN2HEXUS Loyalty Programme, now's the perfect opportunity.

HEXUS is offering all of our readers free delivery on orders placed with, and all you need to do, is be a registered user of the HEXUS forums and make a minimum of 20 posts - which, of course, is a minimum, we would love you to stick around and join in our great community!

Once you've signed up to our forums, associate your Scan account with your HEXUS username the day after achieving 20 posts by clicking here, and hey presto, shipping charges will be removed from your future orders! (Please note you may need to wait up to 24hrs in order for your HEXUS username to be recognised by Scan.)

There is a minimum order value of Ā£20 excluding VAT and the SCAN2HEXUS Loyalty Programme applies only to items dispatched to addresses within the mainland UK. Please also be aware that it can take up to 24 hours for your SCAN2HEXUS association to be confirmed and abuse of the service could result in being banned from using the SCAN2HEXUS Loyalty Programme in future.

Head on over to the HEXUS forums for further details, and happy shopping!

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Scan2HEXUS Loyalty Programme - Free Delivery Information and Rules

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thats not really a loyalty programme is it tbh?
thats not really a loyalty programme is it tbh?

Thanks for a most positive post :p

Being a member of the forums and getting free shipping? Yep massive bonus / loyalty gig for you lot! :)
I see mass sign ups coming :)
so now hexus will get millions of new members and nobody on the forums, except millions of questions of ‘whats my id?’ ‘where do i find my id?’.. and so on…

have you allocated the scan team a larger proportion of the hexus server to accomodate all the complaints.. err i mean queries about their stock?
i thought the minimum constructive post count and active member thing was a good idea, cos it stops people just signing up to only use free shipping from scan…..

so IMO all that will happen is heXus gets inundated with new users that don't actually hold an active posting for more than a day…..