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UK company wins Dell global business award

by Scott Bicheno on 7 November 2008, 11:44

Tags: Dell (NASDAQ:DELL)

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Gardening 2.0

A UK mail-order gardening products company has won the Global Dell Small Business Excellence Award, having impressed with its innovative use of online social networking opportunities to grow its business.

Wiggly Wigglers is based in Herefordshire on a farm. It specialises in selling the kind of gardening products you may not find in Homebase. Being a small company based in the middle of nowhere it has embraced all that Web 2.0 has to offer in order to drum up business.

The Dell small business award has been running for five years and is run in partnership with the US based National Federation of Independent Business. Wiggly Wigglers received $50,000 for winning the award.

"Small businesses need to realise there are online conversations happening about their brand every day, and they are more likely to be positive and have impact if you're part of them," said Wiggly Wigglers founder Heather Gorringe.

"Social media can be time consuming but it is really valuable, has better longevity than traditional media, and it is a lot of fun. We are thrilled to receive this award and can't wait to start blogging and podcasting with our customers all over the world to let them know."

Here's a YouTube video in which Gorringe talks about her company:


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