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MSI announces incentive scheme for indie channel

by Scott Bicheno on 16 April 2010, 16:16

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You don't hear much attention paid to the indie reseller channel these days, so it's nice to see components and notebook-maker MSI announce a new incentive scheme, designed to reward those who display MSI products.

Independent resellers will get a cheque from MSI reimbursing them for the VAT on a product as long as at least to MSI products are sold at full price and one of them has been on display for two months.

It's not clear how MSI will ensure the latter criterion is adhered-to, but it will be supplying point-of-sale material and will be hoping the VAT-cack scheme is incentive enough for resellers to want to display its stuff.

MSI says the programme incorporates all major MSI products, although it only listsfull systems like the Wind and its all-in-one PCs. This is one of what we expect to be a number of indie channel promotions from MSI this year, which has made the channel a priority and has partnered with field marketing specialist Channel Advantage to support its aims.


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