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Former Gateway, Acer and AMD exec now at Dell

by Scott Bicheno on 15 July 2008, 13:05

Tags: Dell (NASDAQ:DELL)

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We reckon one of the things that has defined Dell’s move into the channel has been maniacal control of PR. It has nominated very few spokespeople and even those tend not to deviate too far from the party line.

One example of this was the recruitment of former Westcoast commercial director Andy Dow at the start of the year to head up Dell’s UK commercial channel. We made early contact with Dow, but were unable to build on it as out emails were no longer replied to. Perhaps we should assume that the amiable and chatty Dow had been given a gagging order by his new boss.

Around the same time a little bird told us that Sarah Shields (nee Scott) had also been embraced to the Dell bosom. Shields was last seen heading up European sales at Gateway, but mysteriously disappeared when it was bought by Acer. Since Shields had worked at Acer before she left for Gateway, it looks like Acer’s feelings were still sore.

Anyway, all our attempts to secure confirmation at the start of the year of Shields appointment came to nought as the Dell PR iron curtain came down. Imagine our surprise then, when our five month old LinkedIn invitation was accepted by Shields today, confirming her as EMEA retail sales director at Dell.

We asked Shields if Dell was going to let her talk to us and have yet to hear back. But to be fair, that was only a couple of hours ago.

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