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Teufel takes further step into UK market with new webshop

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Press release

Fixed UK pricing and a new, international domain name - www.teufelaudio.com

Berlin, Germany 28th May, 2010: Teufel, Europe's leading direct seller of audio hardware and loudspeaker systems, today firmly establishes itself as an online retailer in the UK.

Teufel manufactures high-quality, critically acclaimed audio products ranging from £100 computer speaker systems to £5000 THX-certified 5.1 home cinema systems. Existing in Germany since 1979, it launched in the UK in 2008.

Until now, UK customers have been able to view pricing automatically converted from Euros to pounds sterling before purchasing the product at its Euro equivalent price via credit or debit card. From today, Teufel is pleased to introduce fixed UK pricing across its entire product range and throughout the entire checkout process.

As this new pricing is no longer linked to the current exchange rate of the Euro it will no longer fluctuate based on current trading conditions.

These new price points have been picked to better reflect the UK market, offering the same great value users and fans have come to expect from Teufel as a direct seller.

The launch of a new, worldwide domain name - www.teufelaudio.com - further establishes Teufel as a truly international retailer. This replaces teufel.eu as the main web address to access the Teufel webshop from within the UK.

"Since our hugely successful launch into the UK market in 2008, we've supplied thousands of systems to users looking for great sound and build quality without the sky-high price tag" explains Florian Szigat, PR Manager at Teufel. "We're extremely proud of how far we've come and our new pricing and webshop will ensure we're able to provide superb products through a checkout experience that is more familiar to the UK market."