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Best Buy details plans for the UK

by Scott Bicheno on 20 March 2009, 10:44

Tags: PC World (LON:DXNS), Best Buy (NYSE:BBY)

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Biding its time

The UK technology retail sector has been bracing itself for the arrival of US giant Best Buy for some time, but when it finally does get here, it will probably take a more cautious approach than initially assumed.

Speaking at the Retail Week conference, CEO Brad Anderson confirmed that Best Buy won't make an appearance over here until Spring 2010 and may even delay thing beyond then if it thinks that makes better business sense.

It has been assumed that, as an electronics retailer, Best Buy will be going head to head with DSGi - the owner of PC World and Currys. However, it looks like Tesco has been identified as the primary competitor.

Best buy is expected to focus on the PC/telco convergence market with a focus on mobile internet. It also thinks it can co-exist with the incumbent retail giants due to its distinct proposition. For this reason Best Buy appears unconcerned about giving DSGi more time to put its Renewal and Transformation Plan into effect.

Having said that, Anderson and CEO of Best Buy International Bob Willet made it clear that they're aiming for a big chunk of market share, but that it will put a greater emphasis on maximising the business it gets from certain demographics.


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With so many retailers disappearing at the moment I won't hold my breath on newcomers entering the fray - even if they are giants in America!
From what i've heard they don't actually want to come over here any more thanks the the current financial issues in this country. The only reason they are is because the plan is too far down the line to turn back!

Not really a suprise that they're delaying until at least spring next year really…
Well by Spring 2010 things should either be taking a U turn in the economy or at a stand point. This would be brilliant as a giant needs to take on DSG as their prices and service as as poor as they can
get away with, about time someone shook the boat…

Bring on Best Buy