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MSI goes super-big on widescreen gaming monitor


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The MAG491C is a 49in widescreen monster.

There are widescreen monitors and there are widescreen monitors! The MSI MAG491C is the latter. Spanning 49 inches diagonally and using a gentle 1800R curve that works quite well for gaming screens, the TN panel uses a fast 144Hz refresh rate, 4ms response time and AMD FreeSync 2 technology for stutter-free gaming.

Other stats include a 3,000:1 contrast ratio, basic HDR in the form of 400 nits of brightness, and a trio of HDMI inputs alongside DisplayPort.

Perhaps the only downside is the 3,840x1,080 resolution that's equivalent to a couple of full-HD monitors side by side. That said, the screen has a neat feature where it can take two inputs and place them side by side at that full HD resolution, obviously without pesky bezels getting in the way.

In other news, MSI has updated its all-in-one PC range with the Trident A featuring 8th Gen Core processors from Intel and ability to house premium, high-end cards. Take a look.

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Ooooh, woooooooow, sooooo wiiiiiiide screeeeeeeen annnnnnnd, oh, wait….. 1080?
Can't recall exact model, but my mates have 1440 curvy widescreens… Must be ROG models - The things have red logos shining out their bums!

Also - TN panel? :(
You can upgrade the SSD and PSU.
I also think they missed a trick, calling it the MAG491C… should have been the MAG1C-49!
Nice on the side-by-side pic, but I'm kinda used to 1440 now.

You can upgrade the SSD and PSU.
It has an SSD?
32:9 is a weird ratio!
32:9 is a weird ratio!

It's not uncommon for people to use two 16:9 monitors, so the likes of Samsung and MSI are gluing them together and getting rid of the bezel. Makes perfect sense IMO.

I'm using a 21:9 at the moment and certainly wouldn't grumble at any extra width, but it would need to be 1440 pixels tall for my usage. However, 5120 x 1440 isn't far off the same amount of pixels as a 4K monitor which would require more than just one 1080Ti for smooth frames.