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SilverStone focuses on microATX chassis, super-dense PSU


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We take a booth tour with marketing manager Tony Ou.

Shown more in concept form at last year's Computex trade show, SilverStone has fleshed out its microATX range for CES.

The LD01 features three-sided tempered glass sat on top of a steel body. Only 36 litres in size - 405mmx 410mm x 215mm - we like the fact that the motherboard tray is inverted.

Meanwhile, on the PSU front, the company brings higher wattages in relatively small form factors. Case in point is the 1,200W 80 Plus Platinum-rated Strider, shoehorned into a chassis just 140mm deep. That makes it a good choice for those that want massive power but don't want to invest in a larger chassis.

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I like the new cases. It looks like there's a 5.25“ drive on the front, which is an odd choice - it'd be useless if there's a GPU installed. I'd rather see the whole motherboard moved down a bit and the PSU changed to an SFX model to make space, so that a top rad won't foul the expansion slots. The bend in the motherboard tray to improve access to the SATA connectors is a nice touch. The new case isn't as well jenga'd as my TJ-08E, but it'll still fit plenty of kit and looks quite sharp - and USB-C is a plus!

That short PSU would be handy in my TJ-08E (since the normal space for spare PSU cables is filled with 5.25” drive), but kind of pointless for M-ATX - I don't really see the use case for it (if you're dealing with a kW of heat, you'll probably want a bigger case).

That 3.5" to M.2 looks like a very expensive way to get SATA storage.
these all look like great products. quality + originality