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MSI shows off GTX 1070 with Twin Frozr 6 cooling


Been waiting a while? Get Flash to see this player.

And adds colour to the humble B150 chipset.

And there some impressive claims of the Twin Frozr 6 on the custom-designed GTX 1070. How does 20 per cent cooler, 22 per cent more airflow, and 40 per cent quieter grab you?

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You mention 1070, the PR chap suggested 1080?
He does say GTX 1080 in the video, I presume the guy from MSI is right.
would like 1 8 pin pcie on the GTX 1070…
The tag next to the card says GTX 1070. :)
Guy sells his 980, upgrades to a 1070/1080.

Friend pops over, takes a look, “But it looks exactly like the last one?”

Not cool.