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Acer believes premium smartphones should be below $200


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Offers up the ultra-slim Jade Z as evidence.

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I hope those glasses don't come with it…
How do they define ‘premium’? The Acer isn't built out of any extraordinary materials, its processor is undisclosed as far as I know apart from being 64-bit and it uses 1GB of RAM and has a 5 inch 720p screen. The Moto G has already fullfilled that at that price point. The Moto G is arguably going to have better software support and it's something you could have bought from 6 months ago. :P
They would struggle to build a flagship phone that costs them less than that.
Its twice the speed of the current Moto G:

It also has 13mp and 5mp cameras and is meant to cost around Ā£150 too.
Always amuses me when Aluminium is classed as premium, its the most abundant metal on the planet.