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CES 2014 Live: InWin set to release premium 901 chassis


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Mini-ITX chassis with pre-plumbed with 80 PLUS Gold PSU.

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Cute looking Mr. Bobo (I guess it's spelled that way). Still wondering if the top curvature is pronounced enough to avoid the padding on top of headphones' headband to deform over time, though.
As I said in the 904 introduction, it's all for naught when at these price points, most of the potential buyers are interested in systems that have superior performance. Meaning, the distinct lack of cooling capability is going to be a big put off.

Yes, they're pretty, but if it hampers the capability of my system from reaching it's maximum overclocks… There's no question, I won't sacrifice performance for beauty.

But, but it's capable of mounting a 140mm radiator. Like a single 140mm is enough to keep any seriously oc'd system cool. Sorry InWin, feel free to come back with something that can at least mount some real fans (read: effective), a AC 240mm Monsta, preferably with a provision to mount at least a 240mm UT60 as well. Because, frankly, I'm not going to downgrade my cooling, even in my m-itx system.

I have a feeling I should start making my own cases…