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SilverStone's FT03 Mini-ITX chassis impresses


Been waiting a while? Get Flash to see this player.

And comes apart rather nicely, as well.

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Awesome stuff - here's hoping that some of these features filter back up to the full FT03 Mk 2.
I really loved the MATX FT03 as a piece of design, but too many reviews noted a few too many problems for me to pony up my money….
Silverstone - I still want to buy a new MATX case!!
i like it.
I quite like the look of this too.. I always seem to have a soft spot for Silverstone designs and having dealt with them (ordering replacement case parts etc.) they've been really helpful and pleasant as a company (they sent me a free replacement circuit board not so long ago.)
Fail design is FAIL:

Look at all the wasted space at the top. They could have made the case less taller or made more room for internal components.

It looks like a arse-halfed effort from Silverstone - TBH,it looks like they shoe-horned an SG05 into the case in a vertical orientation.
Hmm very nice… am thinking of retiring my Coolermaster Black Widow which I've had for maybe almost 10 years now… am using the LC12 for my HTPC, but as/when I next upgrade my main rig this looks quite good.. though will have to be careful to get a 9" graphics card…