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CES 2011 : The 650D from Corsair - possibly the perfect case?


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If you're looking for a case that does everything in moderation, maybe the Corsair 650D is perfect for you?

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That looks like a brilliant mid tower case! It's a shame it costs $200 though, a bit too pricey for a mid tower case. Something closer to the £50-£100 would be ideal.
Lovely case, however the reporter could of atleast learnt his lines before hand. Stuttering and saying “erm” isnt an acceptable practice when working in the media.

Seems to be happening quite a bit with the hexus reviews recently.
Price is putting me off, the 700D was around this mark wasn't it a while ago or have I not been keep tabs?
WAY too expensive. Looks nice, but why do they think they should charge that much?
Agreed nice looking case with good features but the price just seems elitist and downright pure greed - that is why I will stick with Coolermaster as they give you serious bang for buck and the same features.:)