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Parm and Tarinder check out the HP Pavilion DV2 laptop


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The HP Pavilion DV2 Laptop isn't a netbook and it's not a notebook either... so what is it? Parm and Tarinder are on the case!

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Thanks for that lads, I was superbly dissapointed when this was released at that price. I does come with a usb dvd drive (or so I'm led to believe) which you didn't mention, but when it was talked about at CES that was supposed to be a blu ray drive. It also doesn't come with the discrete card in its lowest spec, another dissapointment.

It's just a missed trick if you ask me. Like you say, with that spec, £400 would be perfect, £450 would be my absolute limit and £600 (the HP website price for the spec you had).. they are just taking the ****!