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HEXUS - CeBIT 2009 :: Corsair fire a broadside at the chassis guys


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At CeBIT 2009 Corsair's Gareth Ogden talks us through their new, and HUGE, chassis for the enthusiast market

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HEXUS Forums :: 19 Comments

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I liiikkke…
The cable management is *nice*, as is the rest of the airflow management..

Bit big for my needs though :)
me liiikeee… now where's my credit card…
Wow that does look like it's got some very good layout/air flow.
Nice to see someone actually put some thought into it.
The idea of no front fans, but drawing air up instead I like (granted not a new idea)
I love the concept of drawing air across the hard drives in an enclosed, hot-swappable bay. Then feeding the air out of the case behind the motherboard tray, I've not seen any cases do that before.
The rubber seals on the cabling holes looks good and keeps the air separate.

$200-250 :( too expensive for me.
unless that price come down a load more it's going to fall into the same hole as the Cooler Master ATCS 840 for me.
Namely, a nice case but costing twice what I'd actually pay for it.
a proper case is a worthy investment, cos you could own it for up to 10 years. My original case lasted 7 with me and is now on it's 3rd year with someone else…

Lovely cooling, love the hard drive bay to back of the mobo air flow idea :)