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We get our hands on the sexy black aluminium Cooler Master ATCS 840... but is sexy black aluminium enough to make this case worthy of a purchase?

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Thanks for that guys, gave a bit better insight than the interview did.
I do like the looks of this case and the layout is brilliant but £200 + is too steep for a case in my eyes. The Cosmos S at £160 is really what a top end case should cost.

The number of people who won't consider paying for a £200 case compared to £160 must be quite alot. Coolermaster would do better to price this @ the £160 mark.
The number of people who won't consider paying for a £200 case compared to £160 must be quite alot.
Not at this end I don't think. This isn't for Average Joe, and enthusiasts know when buying a case that a case will last a hell of a lot of upgrades if they want it to.

Whether it's worth £180 given the competition is another matter.
£200 market is home to the silverstone TJ07 or the lian li 2000 series.

Would you buy a coolermaster product if you were an extreme rig builder?
Well when you realise just how BIG that case is, thoes two fans at the top are 230mm same as the one at the front (which nick didn't show) I can see where some of the money is going, namely sheet aluminium

Another big advantage here is high air flow + low dust, this case has a lot of fan power and very little in the way of vents all of which are filtered.
It's also one of a very few that have a 120mm fan, removed from the rear and a full motherboard tray ie one that includes the rear io and card slots.
Most cases with a 120mm rear fan only have the plate the motherboard attaches to, so to remove it you have to remove all the pci / pci-e cards first. Also they generally lift out or swing out from the right hand side. in these situations its often no real advantage to a fixed tray.
This is also one of the reasons for the large width of this case, a full tray with 120mm fan needs a wider case.

However all this said, I think the £185 price tag is a little too high
Well it was slated as going to be £185 RRP at the end of oct, but with current exchange rates it may be closer to £200 :(

One thing I must say haveing seen this video the front plate doesn't look so bad or stick out so much as the other pic's I've seen of it.