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In this first show of a new series, Paul Lee, from QuietPC, talks us through the products you can use to make a noisy machine nearly silent. This is How To Pacify Your PC!

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ummmm, whats the point of this. Was not very informative at all.

If you want to know about making your PC silent, just visit quiet pc's website. A darn site more interesting and informative.
I personally liked the hands on approach tv its good to get a visual discription of something i know very little about. Thumbs up keep em coming Hexus i look forward to the next installment..:)

/ wonders if there was an inadvertent clue to the last pipeline?..:D
It's an introduction to the whole range of stuff you can do… there's a load more in the series!

We take a noisy-ass PC and tame it…
We take a noisy-ass PC and tame it…

Can I donate one? :p
:o whats with the apocalyptic tunage at the start?

and mebbe an odd question…. is that wall real?

and i for one think its a good idea to have video footage of things in action and building things up and comparing etc…