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Philips' Jo Cooke presents the amBX range of gaming hardware


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Having announced that amBX can now be experienced with Google Earth, iTunes, QuickTime, VLC, and Windows Media Center... Philips' Chief Marketing Officer explains the technology and vision

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what a clever idea….

inspired :)…..blowing fans in your face, and hooding your monitor and using Ambi lights ….that would be brilliant for shadows and stuff round corners :) and massive explosions with back-drafts and stuff..
very very clever
If only it would shoot you or spray blood over you then it would be like, er real life war? :)
Big barrier for me is the price… that's a lot of wonga.

For that kinda money I could buy a decent 7.1 speaker set-up.

Having experienced ambi-light on Philips TVs I can see the value of the lighting as it draws you into the picture and, contrary to my preconceptions, was very subtle… but amBX is going to have to be seriously good to make me part with the kind of cash they want.
the thing I'm most impressed with is the fans..

what a great idea…..wind speed, explosion blasts….great great idea.

The sound part of it MIGHT turn out to be soo good ayway that peole who would pay £150 for speakers will get the Ambi too :)

I'd love to play a game with this….AND>>>>.

here's the plus…

AND the hood thing over the creen would stop my monitor getting dusty.

Sold…where do I sign ;)
I don't much chance to play with games - but I'd be up for trying Jericho with the amBX patch - just to see if I do wet me pants when the wind blows in a dark place :surprised:

Clive Barker's Jericho