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HEXUS.gaming :: Does Philips amBX get you into the game?


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We wanted to grill Philips about the non-arrival of amBX. Taking no chances, they put Ninjitsu martial arts guru, Bolu Akindoyin in charge of marketing. Smart move - but we still took the chance to ask 'Is Royal Dutch Kung Fu weak old man ?'

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Great to see ACTUAL ADVERTS for these products into the retail channel (at last!)

I want to know what it feels like to play stuff like Jericho with low rumbles, puffs of air and flickering lights…

…I have me nappies on standby - just in case its as good as they say !

I still like Nick's take of it shooting you and throwing mud :)
It looks good but the last thing I need is yet MORE cables running around my bedroom for various LEDs !!!
…yet MORE cables running around my bedroom…
Good point !

We will do a follow up with Bolu to find out (a) if there is a wireless version coming and (b) will amBX include ‘mud throwing’ for realism !

Suggestions welcome…