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Review: Kingston SSDNow V+200 (120GB)

by Parm Mann on 29 February 2012, 11:03 4.0

Tags: Kingston

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Final thoughts and rating

The SSDNow V+200 has been introduced to fill a gap in Kingston's product range. Appreciating that the existing HyperX is the first choice for enthusiasts willing to spend top dollar, the V+200 takes its place as a strong alternative for users wanting the power of the SandForce controller at a more palatable price.

At around £1-per-gigabyte, the SSDNow V+200 makes a compelling argument; it isn't too costly for a high-end system, it's blisteringly quick, and it's available from a reputable brand that offers a three-year warranty and an excellent upgrade kit. The latter, available as an optional extra, includes an external 2.5in USB enclosure, hard-disk cloning software, 3.5in mounting brackets and both SATA power and data cables - everything you need in order to make the transition to a new system drive.

But the SSD marketplace is fiercely contested, and the magic behind the V+200 is something we've seen before. Drives made up of the SF-2281 controller and asynchronous NAND are available from a wide range of manufacturers, and price acts as the only obvious variable. Right now, practically-identical drives from Corsair and OCZ are available for a few pounds less, and while performance is strong for typical desktop workloads, users working regularly with data that isn't easily compressed - such as photos, music and video - may see the benefit in upgrading to the premium HyperX.

Bottom line: the SSDNow V+200 is the latest in a long line of blazing-fast SandForce SSDs and represents a spectacular upgrade over a traditional hard disk.

The Good

Soars past 500MB/s via SATA 6Gbps
Good performance at high queue depths
Available with an excellent upgrade kit

The Bad

Performance takes a hit with certain data types

HEXUS Rating

Kingston SSDNow V+200 (120GB)

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Kingston SSDNow V+200 (120GB)

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The 120GB Kingston SSDNow V+200 solid-state drive is available to purchase from ebuyer, dabs and amazon.

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Why is the Crucial M4 being benchmarked with firmware 0001? The newer firmwares make a massive difference to the speed?
Why is the Crucial M4 being benchmarked with firmware 0001? The newer firmwares make a massive difference to the speed?

Yes, very poor comparison.

Also the Corsair 120GB Force GT has come down to £135 in recent weeks, this offer's a more consistent high performance on all data types - this makes a much better buy and really does make the Kingston a bad buy in comparison.
i was wondering why it wasn't compared to the agility 3, because as mentioned it seems it's kingstons version of that drive. so i was wondering what is faster

but with the a3 being £105 or so for the 120gb at the moment, and this being new and £120, what would be the point in going for the new drive, over the a3? presumably by the time the kingston is in the market the a3 will be closer to £100

i have an older kingston v100 in my macbook which is a great drive. it certainly brings an old laptop to life, and in general i've read nothing but good things about kingston SSD's whilst the OCZ drives are getting a bit of a dodgy rep. in saying that i got an A3 120gb the other week which gives a 2.5 quad core 8gb ram desktop a nice boost

the older SSDs have fallen in price so much recently that the OCZ petrol budget drive doesn't seem much of a bargain when you can get an older faster model for about the same price or even cheaper
i was wondering why it wasn't compared to the agility 3

I would imagine they are very similar, all drives using this controller seem all generally the same and all have the same issue with compressed data.