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Review: Lenovo Legion 5

by Parm Mann on 24 June 2021, 14:01


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...there is an upside to the 1080p panel in that battery life extends to a full working day.

With the aim of cornering the gaming laptop market, Lenovo's Legion portfolio has evolved to offer compelling solutions at a variety of competitive price points.

The recently reviewed Legion 5 Pro is, in our estimation, a stand-out choice at £1,500, and in the £1,000 to £1,300 bracket, the Legion 5 plays an important supporting role. Giving users a more affordable path to eight-core Ryzen 7 5800H processing and dedicated GeForce RTX graphics, the second-tier model delivers a familiar performance punch with a few specification downgrades that most gamers will be happy to live with.

These include a smaller trackpad, less rigid construction and a 1080p 165Hz G-Sync panel that, while capable in its own right, lacks the wow factor of the 16:10 Legion 5 Pro. Max graphics power has also been dialled down from 140W to 130W, to little real-world detriment, and there is an upside to the 1080p panel in that battery life extends to a full working day.

Bottom line: Legion 5 Pro is a formidable laptop, yet for gamers who favour 1080p, the regular Legion 5 costs less, is practically as quick and, crucially in this age of shortages, in stock and available to buy.

The Good
The Bad
Strong all-round performance
Silky gaming on 165Hz FHD G-Sync display
Decent build quality and excellent keyboard
Impressive specification for £1,300
Eight-hour battery life
Display lacks wow factor of Legion 5 Pro
Smaller trackpad (vs. Legion 5 Pro)
Fans get noisy quickly

Lenovo Legion 5


The Legion 5 Pro laptop is listed at Currys and Lenovo.


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Funny that my machine with the same specs got 10,455 in Time Spy running on stock settings, not even on performance mode either. It is. a great laptop and I love how powerful it is for the price. I paid £1202 for it from Currys as I was getting 7.5% off through Perkbox deals.