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Review: be quiet! Silent Loop 240mm

by Parm Mann on 10 October 2016, 16:10

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...a welcome addition to a burgeoning market and a solid choice for performance users seeking high-end cooling performance.

be quiet! has belatedly expanded its line of CPU coolers with a trio of liquid solutions that sit alongside an award-winning range of air heatsinks.

Productised as the Silent Loop and initially available in 120mm, 240mm and 280mm flavours, the new entrants are a welcome addition to a burgeoning market and a solid choice for performance users seeking high-end cooling performance.

What sets the Silent Loop apart, in our estimation, is be quiet!'s decision to strip away the excess to focus on the basics. Whereas competing units have been bolstered with LED illumination and superfluous software, the German manufacturer heads in the opposite direction with a sleek design, minimal cable clutter and the quietest pump we've tested in an all-in-one unit.

Still waiting to take your first steps into liquid cooling but reluctant to go through the trials and tribulations of an intricate custom loop? The Silent Loop 240mm is a stand-out choice that's able to out-perform a large air cooler while keeping almost as quiet.

The Good
The Bad
Keeps pump noise down to a minimum
Excellent cooling performance
Straightforward installation
No lights nor superfluous software
Three-year warranty
Can't be expanded

be quiet! Silent Loop 240mm


The be quiet! Silent Loop 240mm all-in-one CPU cooler is available to purchase from Scan Computers.


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A 5.5 degrees load temperature delta improvement is nearly 13% and not 9% as stated.

When I build an AM4 system, will the mounting kit that comes with this fit? The phrase “latest Intel and AMD sockets” is ambiguous - the AM4 socket is the latest AMD socket, but I cannot buy an AM4 motherboard yet.

At least if I buy a Noctua cooler, I can get an AM4 compatible upgrade kit free of charge when they become available - what's the situation with be quiet!?
Would nice to see a comparison between this AIO with its competitors as I have purchased the H115i would like to see a head to head results please thanks
Would it have been wise to include the Dark Rock Pro 3 as a direct competitor which one would assume uses same/similar fans as the radiator fans on this. The DRP3 is around £70, the cheapest Dark Rock liquid solution is £95 which is perhaps the better comparison.
Does this 240mm version outperform the DRP3 by £45, i would expect the law of diminishing returns to apply.