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Evesham goes into administration

by Steve Kerrison on 6 August 2007, 17:29

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Evesham went into administration on Friday but the news was only broken late this afternoon (Mon 6th August 2007) by MD Richard Austin in a press release.

Around 150 employees have left in a restructuring brought on, it seems, largely by the government killing the Home Computer Initiative (HCI) - as reported at the end of last week when the restructuring was announced.

Mr Austin is trying to remain upbeat but existing customers will be doubtless be worried whether their warranties are going to be safe.

Last week's announcement didn't paint a complete picture of how destructive the restructuring would be. As a result of our news story, we had posts in the HEXUS.community from numerous people claiming to have worked for or have ties with the company, many with rather depressing stories about job losses.

And in Mr Austin's statement today, he says that 138 employees remain, with around 150 having been laid off as a result of the restructuring. He's quoted as saying that he's "very sad" the company has to "continue trading without valuable, long standing Evesham staff".

Trying to see a silver lining, he comments, "we hope that we have now past [sic] this unfortunate time in our company's history and can look to a positive future".

We doubt any of this will appease the jobless former employees of Evesham or give much comfort to recent customers of the company about its future and the value of their warranties.

Read Richard Austin's full statement, including his reassurances to existing customers, in this press release.

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it's nice to see the liar changing his story now the truth it is out. How can you buy a machine from a comany with no production, no r&d and no sales!! People suggest that evesham systems will be made abroad by a time group company and shipped to evesham
Evesham will go into administration, its just a question of when!
the first line of the article is “Evesham went into administration on Friday”…
whadyamean when?:D
Ooppps, did not see the above post form Hexus confirming the administration.

I mainly feel sorry for the staff/people.
Yeah i found out last weekend.
- Crying shame really, i honestly thoughts they did some pritty good pc.

All my cousins (who live in malvern, colwal etc) have almost exclusivly eveshams, as does my uncals company. (we also have a fairly new evesham laptop).

But yeah, shame really.