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Evesham exercises its HEXUS.right2reply

by Scott Bicheno on 25 February 2008, 16:16

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Singleton responds

HEXUS.channel, as part of the HEXUS portfolio of publications, prides itself on its unique HEXUS Right2Reply initiative, through which the companies it covers are given the opportunity to respond.

Accordingly, we present the words of Richard Singleton general manager of Geemore Technology Limited, which trades as Evesham verbatim.

As you will be aware, Evesham Technology Limited was placed into administration on 3rd August last year and is still in administration. In the circumstances it would be appropriate for you to address any questions that you may have concerning that company to the administrators. For the avoidance of any doubt, Geemore Technology is not and never has been in administration and was not part of the Evesham group of companies. To my knowledge Evesham Technology Limited has not sold any product since entering administration, but again that is a question that is better addressed to the administrators.

I am not employed by PCC Technology Limited and do not have any role within that organization. Consequently I am not in a position to comment on the transaction that it entered into with the Administrators of Evesham Technology Limited. What I can say is that as part of that transaction Evesham Technology Limited were able to continue to employ large numbers of employees and provide customer support for a considerable period beyond administration until earlier this year. Had this funding not happened then all of the staff would have lost their jobs at administration and customers would have not been supported. Your reporting has failed to mention this fact.

Geemore Technology Ltd is a separate company to Evesham Technology Ltd and has been trading for a number of months now, having secured a licence to use the 'Evesham' brand. Contrary to comments in the press, it is providing support in respect of the product it has sold and will continue to do so.

For the sake of clarity, Geemore does not have any obligation to support products that were sold by Evesham Technology Limited prior to its administration, although it is understood that this is being handled responsibly and appropriately.

Geemore is very concerned about the inaccurate statements, rumours and hearsay that has been published in the IT press of late in an attempt to make a story, without any apparent regard for the detrimental and adverse effect that such inaccurate statements can have, not only on our business but also on our customers as well. We all know that the IT sector is a tough market. Geemore is striving to establish and maintain its business and to preserve and build upon on the 'Evesham' brand. It is a shame, and a sad indictment, that the certain publications pay little or no regard to consequences of irresponsible reporting and should be held accountable for their actions.

The press release is clear as to what happened and what is planned. I am confident that Geemore will continue and, even if a new buyer is not found, our customers will remain unaffected and their products supported. I do not have anything else to add at this stage.

Kind Regards

Richard Singleton

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As ever, you the HEXUS.channel reader also have a HEXUS Right2Reply. Please let us know your thoughts on Geemore's response.

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Geemore Technology Ltd is a separate company to Evesham Technology Ltd and has been trading for a number of months now, having secured a licence to use the ‘Evesham’ brand

So, not too complicated for the buyer then? Evesham as a brand name is fine to use and trade under, but Evesham Tehnology is nothing to do with them.
So, basically, Greenmore is pretending to be a company that went into administration and is using, what, the same staff, the same offices and so on?

You know, this just stinks of someone who is twisting the law into pretty pretty shapes without having any regard for what it does to other people…
I missed this article in August, I am surprised that this has happened; they were one of the biggest UK manufacturers in the 90's their Pentium 1 range won quite a few awards.

However their customer service was none too good back then at least.
Let this be a lesson to other companies, after sales service is paramount…. :angst:
I dont think any of that matters. What people are concerned with is any link to TIME Computers.
Listen.. All these discussions are pretty much irrelevant, Because we all know why Geemore was set up,, and these people dealing with such matters know exactly what they are doing, as this is not the first time they have been in this situation .. So there is not alot of point going around the houses..

However it's a damn shame the government doesn't get a grip and tighten all the loop holes, So as to prevent such outrageous happenings. Shame on all those involved with the goings on down at Evesham and Geemore. (You know who you are) And may you have many restless nights..

My heart goes out to all those skillful individuals who been made redundant and are now unemployed,, and from what I hear, may have a battle on their hands to get any redundancy money which they are more than entitled to.

The Daddy :mad: