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Evesham restructures following Government scheme closure

by Steve Kerrison on 3 August 2007, 16:54

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We've been mulling over the fate of Evesham for some time now, amidst various nuggets of news that have made their way to us. Including but not limited to details of various directors departing from the company and low staff morale. Today Evesham has issued two press releases detailing its future, having a dig at the government in the process.

According to one of the press releases, the Direct PC manufacturer is henceforth focusing on web and channel sales after the closure of the Home Computer Initiative (HCI) scheme that was backed by the Government. The release states that Evesham had "invested heavily" in the HCI scheme.

Part of the restructuring includes the closure of "most own-brand stores" in an attempt to make a balance sheet look a little better. On top of that, an investment firm in Dubai, named PCC Technology, has agreed to inject £22m of interim funding to "allow flexibility" and give managers a chance "to find a permanent solution".

PCC said it has confidence in the Evesham brand and will let the company continue day-to-day operations without interference.

Evesham MD Richard Austin has stated that all existing customers have nothing to worry about: "We would like to reassure all of our customers that they will continue to receive support from the same Evesham staff and that their existing warranties will continue to be handled with Evesham’s award winning service, as before".

The company reckons the investment money gives it ample time to sort itself out following the loss of the HCI deal, so let's see how one of the few remaining old-timer UK PC makers fares over the next few months and years.


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oh goodie - so time own evesham now then?
“will continue to receive support from the same Evesham staff ”

That's not exactly true, as most of us have been let go :O_o1:
Ya you should check the thread on the register.

Evesham are disgrace, Richard Austin and renowned TIME criminals have shafted a lot of loyal and good people in standard TIME fashion.

Do not buy anything from this company as you'll be on borrowed time with your support, you can guarantee that!

And 99% of the staff that gave Evesham the reputation it HAD are no longer there, just like it's reputation, they were screwed out of redundancy too.
How are they going to provide support if only 40 (out of 400 ish) are left???

My nephew is one of the ones made redundant.
just to put some truth in to the ball court, i have work at evesham for 14 years and over the last year the company has stuggled due to poor management and constantly doing things on the cheep. The company had become a very bad place to work with lots of rows and back stabbing.

The company has not restructured so to speak, the company has been put into administration and moved to geemore technology, about 75% of the staff were taken to the canteen and told by the administrators that the deal had fallen through and an order had been lodged with the court and we were to collect our personal effects and get off the property. About 8 heavies were at the back door. A select few, mainly managers, tech support and workshop have been taken back on to give the look of the company carrying on regardless.. We all left with no redundancy or the remaining pay we were owed…..

A few interesting bits for new customers, all of the support, r&d and years of knowledge have been made redundant leaving a sliver over tech support.. So if the people designing and testing the products are no longer there how can you be buying the same ‘evesham’

oh if you get a new machine and it has an white sticker on a component with emxxxxx it's made of second hand parts!