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LG PC drive writes and read Blu-ray and reads HD DVD

by Nick Haywood on 9 January 2007, 06:49

Tags: LG

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Blu-ray play and burn, HD DVD just play

CES 2007LG, single-handedly, seems to be trying to bring some common sense to the high-def formats war. It's introducing a PC drive, the GGW-H10N Super Multi Blue, that reads HD DVD and reads and writes Blu-ray - and this is in addition to the Super Multi Blue dual-HD set-top player it's also promising, the BH100.

With Blu-ray, the GGW-H10N can record up to 50GB of data on dual-layer BD-R/BD-RE -2 blanks. That 50GB recording capability is said to be good for four and a half hours of high-definition video and 22 hours of standard definition.

And the LG's Blu-ray burn speed is fast - 4x - so, in theory (and it probably is only a theory!), it could take as little as 24 minutes to burn a full single-layer 25GB BD-R disc.

As well as handling BD and HD DVD, the GGW-H10N can burn DVDs and CDs, making it the most flexible and future-proof DVD writer we've so far heard about.

Along with the dual-HD-format Super Multi Blue set-top player, the GGW-H10N could break the deadlock in the HD formats war and will, hopefully, be the catalyst for making read and write support for both formats the norm, rather than the exception - in much the same way that all conventional DVD burners now support the competing plus and minus formats.

Mind, you , we’re no closer to knowing which of the HD formats is better but, with luck, that soon won't matter any way!


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