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Corsair launches budget-friendly Force Series LX SSDs

by Mark Tyson on 28 May 2014, 10:35

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Corsair has launched a new range of SSD drives to appeal to its most budget conscious customers. These are the Force Series LX SSDs and they are initially available in just 128GB and 256GB capacities. However we expect a 512GB member of the range to turn up shortly as Corsair sent us a photo of one in the press-pack.

Despite the budget considerations, Corsair promises that upgraders from HDD based systems will still 'feel the Force', in fact it says these new slim line aluminium encased 7mm form factor 2.5-inch drives should help "bring blazing performance to the masses." If the high price per GB of SSDs have been putting you off until now, you are the kind of person Corsair is targeting with the new Force Series LX SSDs.

Both the Force Series LX SSDs share the following specifications:

  • Interface: SATA 3, 6Gb/s (backwards compatible with SATA 2)
  • Unformatted Capacity: 256 GB (or 128GB)
  • SSD Technology: MLC, Toggle NAND
  • DRAM Cache Memory: 256MB
  • Power Consumption: active 4.6W Max, inactive 0.6W Max
  • Shock: 40G
  • TRIM Support: Yes, for Windows 7 or newer
  • Voltage: 5V ±5%
  • Form Factor: 7mm high, 2.5 inch
  • Weight: 0.05kg
  • Software: Corsair SSD Toolbox disk management
  • Warranty: Three years

Looking through the info Corsair sent to us about the Force Series LX, I also note that the drives support NCQ and S.M.A.R.T. technologies as well as the above mentioned TRIM. Readers might also be interested to know that the controller used in these drives is the Silicon Motion SSD controller.

The lower capacity drive has half the sequential write performance.

Corsair also provided the following performance stats: Max Sequential Read (ATTO): Up to 560MB/s, Max Sequential Write (ATTO): Up to 300MB/s (or 150MB/s on the 128GB model), MTBF: 1.5 million hours. So opting for the 128GB drive will get you half the sequential write performance – yet will still represent an immediately noticeable and significant leg-up in disk I/O perkiness compared to any traditional laptop HDD.

Corsair supplied us with the following prices for the Force Series LX Drives, which are said to be available immediately from the usual retailers:

  • Force LX 256GB costs $129.99 (£79.99 + VAT in the UK)
  • Force LX 128GB costs $74.99 (£49.99 + VAT in the UK)

Scan has both new drives listed with the availability dates of 3rd June for the 128GB drive, and 30th May for the 256GB drive.

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Nothing new really can already buy drives of this size /speed etc cheaper elseware so don't really see the point
£96.29 on scan for the 256gb drive….. would spend a little extra for a lot more performance
I think it's time to upgrade my OCZ Agility 3 boot drive ( I know! Taking my life into my own hands ) to something a little more 2014! It has served me well though, and it still remains relatively nippy compared to all my friends hard drive powered machines.
Nothing new really can already buy drives of this size /speed etc cheaper elseware so don't really see the point
Some people, me included, feel certain brands have an air of quality about them. Especially corsair in my books as not a single item I have bought from them has died to date! Also for that price glad to see theres still a three year warranty
•Intel 0,59%
•Corsair 2,17%
•Crucial 2,25%
•Kingston 2,39%
•OCZ 2,93%
failure rate of ssd from a web site don't see the point of this drive as ive said its offering nothing new for price