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LifeLink: World’s thinnest USB cable, available for pre-order

by Mark Tyson on 13 December 2013, 09:39

Tags: Sony (NYSE:SNE)

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Tired of carrying bulky, messy phone cables around? PlusUs has created LifeLink, claimed to be the world’s thinnest smartphone cable aimed to make staying connected easier for mobile phone users. It's flat, similar to a credit card, so can be tucked away in your wallet. Also Sony has just announced a dual-USB flash drive which possesses both micro and regular USB connectors.


“Let’s face it, smartphones have gotten smarter but their cables have not,” says Co-Founder of PlusUs Fays Sekkouah. LifeLink connectors, made to be ultra-portable, can be easily carried in purses, pockets and even on a key chain. At only 2.5mm thick, equivalent to two credit cards, and 70% thinner than most mobile phone cables, it will be available for both Apple (lightning connector) and other mobile (microUSB connector) users.

This innovation “address the widespread demand for portable and storable cables”, according an email received from LifeLink today. When stored, LifeLink is the length of a credit card, and can be 'unclipped' to more than double its length to 18cm (7inches) and it has a heavy-duty Teflon covered cable which offers great durability. But personally, being one of those people who have no patience to wait for my phone to charge, the length seems to be a bit short if you don’t fancy crouching down in the corner of a coffee shop WhatsApping a friend whilst the phone charges.

The LifeLink cable is available for pre-order now at $19, after which it will retail for $24 with shipping in early 2014.

Sony 2-in1 flash drive

Sony has announced a new 2-in-1 flash drive with connectors for both your portable devices – tablets and smartphones via microUSB, and for your desktop or laptop with a regular sized USB connector. The purpose of the drive is said to be "so mobile consumers can transfer and view photos and videos without using cables or Wi-Fi access".

"Consumers want to let a friend see the photo they just took or share a video easily with as few steps as possible," said Viviano Cantu, director of consumer media marketing, Sony Electronics. "These new drives combine convenience, peace of mind and performance and are perfect for mobile multi-tasking."

Sony's new drives are compatible with Android devices, version 4.0.3 and above, offering USB On-the-Go (OTG) functionality. The drive is made of metal with a plastic locking cap to keep the connectors debris free. There are three different cap colours to choose.

These drives will be available starting from January and you will pay for the convenience on offer; with the 8GB (USM-8SA1/B) costing $19.99, the 16GB (USM-16SA1/B) costing $29.99 and the 32GB (USM-32SA1/B) costing $62.99.

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I opened this article thinking “oh yeah, because I've always worried about how the thickness of USB cables”. But actually, it's all about changing usage scenarios - right now to connect my phone up to a PC means I need my huge cable, which I keep in my rucksack, so who cares how thick the cable is. Now, if that cable fit in my wallet, then suddenly it's a bit more convenient and then I do care. Nice idea, even if I'm not going to pay $19 for it.
$24 (with International Shipping) so £14.70… I may actually get one.

As for the Sony Stick, I love the idea. I'm personally using a http://www.meenova.com/ with a 64GB MicroSD card for my Nexus7 & S4 but obviously have to carry around either a USB or SD adapter as well to get content onto it… only issue is that it is Sony so my $12 Meenova & £40 MicroSD card will prob translate into nearer £100 for equivalent size… I think I'll keep carrying that USB adapter for now ;)
Yes it's small but you need a laptop to charge it from in the first place. If you're carrying a laptop round with you it's not really much extra hassle to stick a 1-foot cable in your bag too.

It's more useful for people who are going to be in an office or library or somewhere, and can have that cable in their wallet for emergencies. Even so, it's a very expensive cable for something you're likely to carry round with you just in case. Chinese ebay sellers will come out with a similar concept in no time.

The sony connector is nice, but there will be a lot of complaints about damaged connectors from people trying to plug in a phone with nothing to support it.
So do those sony ‘drives’ have there own power source ? because I know for a fact that my tablet doesn't provide power through it's usb port, currently I need a separate usb hub with a battery inside it to connect any usb device.
because I know for a fact that my tablet doesn't provide power through it's usb port
Then either your tablet is not implementing USB OTG correctly, is faulty, or you have a weird USB drive. The minimum a compliant OTG device can output is 8mA, and this is more than sufficient for any competently designed USB stick. And any reputable device advertising USB OTG as a feature will have a TPL - a list of devices that will work with USB OTG - generally implying at least 100mA delivery and sometimes 500mA.

What tablet are you using?