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Corsair jumps on SandForce SF-2200 wagon with Force GT SSDs

by Tarinder Sandhu on 1 March 2011, 23:18

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Speedy SandForce

Corsair is just one of the big-name players who have signed up to produce solid-state drives (SSD) based on SandForce's high-specification SF-2200 controller.

And there's good reason to be excited by the next iteration of SSDs, for the controller boasts some really tasty specs: how does 500MB/s sequential read and writes and 60,000 IOPS grab you?

Corsair won't be the first out of the retail gate with these super-speedy drives, the company freely admits, so we're likely to see the Force Series GT SSDs appear at your favourite retailer no earlier than April, but there's little denying the sheer grunt on offer.

Exciting times

But after speaking with Jared Peck, global marketing manager for the flash division, SandForce is very much the name to go with for high-speed storage. Corsair will be launching the enterprise-oriented SF-2500 controller in the not-too-distance future, we learned, and the firm is particularly excited about looking at maximising the throughput of these super-fast controllers by leveraging PCIe-based solutions; even SATA 6Gbps' upper bandwidth limit is cutting it close.

USB 3.0 - we're interested

Corsair will also take a watch-and-see approach with USB 3.0 devices, most likely due to Intel not adopting it in current chipset silicon, so the firm's first batch of USB 3.0 sticks will focus on reliability rather than all-out performance.

We'll aim to run a set of benchmarks on a Force Series GT tomorrow, so head back for some updated numbers, folks.

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Are there many laptops with SATA 6Gbps yet? Seems like wasted performance to buy one and use it in regular 'ol SATA 2.
I assume this SSD will have a capped firmware limiting its random write performance because of some BS deal OCZ did with SandForce?