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OCZ set to launch blazing-fast 64GB SSD drive and new watercooled DDR3

by Tarinder Sandhu on 10 January 2008, 15:32


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Diversifying into every possible facet of computing seems to be an unstated aim of OCZ - the company that's best-known for its range of enthusiast-oriented memory.

Expanding its range of memory into the burgeoning solid-state drive sector, OCZ will be shipping 2.5in 32GB/64GB SATAII models in the next few weeks, we were told.

Quoting a potential 120GB/s read speed and 100GB/s write speed, sporting a ruggerdised casing with a 1500G shock-resistance rating, OCZ reckons that the drive has a MTBF (mean time before failure) or 2,000,000 hours - that's around 228 years, so it should still be working when we're all long gone.

Using single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash memory, OCZ reckons the drive should be a little faster than the multi-level cell alternative. We can also expect capacities to grow if OCZ adopts MLC-equipped drives. Current flash pricing is such that predicting a final price is somewhat problematic right now.

OCZ is also introducing the Flex2 watercooled range of DDR3 memory. The difference over the incumbent model is that both sides of the DIMM are now cooled, with channels on both sides. Take a looksie below:

Released in the next month or so, pricing will be largely dependent upon the cost of the D3 chips themselves. We reckon that it's still some time before it becomes affordable, especially considering the low, low price of current DDR2. Whatever the case, the Flex2 won't be cheap as chips.

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Is it just me or are there no 3.5" SSD around at the mo?
Trig;1307314']Is it just me or are there no 3.5" SSD around at the mo?

Not much point going to 3.5“ if the drive physically doesn't need the space. The MTRON drives have 3.5” versions.

But you can always get an adapter if you want to mount it in a 3.5“ drive bay. Or alternatively get eight 2.5” drives and mount them sideways in a hotswap rack across two 5.25" drive bays :D

Good to see SSD speeds going up, as well as capacities!
I was thinking adapter for the 2.5" connectors not the drive itself, that bits easily solved as you said, thing is normal case power and SATA cables wont fit :/
2.5“ drives has exactly the same size (as 3.5” :))of SATA/II data and power ports. The same specs :)
Disagree, look at this 2.5"

compaired to

The 2.5" is closer together so standard ones wont fit IME…