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KLEVV DDR RAM 'Gaming Modules' launched by SK Hynix

by Mark Tyson on 26 January 2015, 11:20

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SK Hynix has launched a new range of products via its wholly owned Essencore brand. The new range is called the KLEVV range and includes both DDR computer RAM and flash memory products such as SD cards and USB flash drives. According to TweakTown, KLEVV high-end DDR3 and DDR4 DRAM 'Gaming Module' products were shown off at PAX South this weekend.

KLEVV DDR memory comes in four sub-ranges as follows:

  • KLEVV Cras DDR4. This memory offers reduced voltages and low power consumption. It is fully compatible with Intel X99 motherboards. KLEVV Cras DDR4 can be bought in kits up to 32GB and speeds up to 3200 16-18-18 @ 1.35V.
  • KLEVV Genuine DDR3. These modules use "strictly screened memory ICs". The heatspreader design incorporates a "sophisticated LED light". You can buy this DDR3 Ram in kit sizes up to 32GB and speeds up to 3200 13-15-15 @ 1.65V.
  • KLEVV Urbane DDR3. These memory modules are said to offer a simple and elegant look and a balance of beauty and performance. A choice of KLEVV Urbane kits up to 32GB are available. Rated speeds up to 3200 13-15-15 @ 1.65V are available.
  • KLEVV Neo DDR3. This memory is supplied with a minimalistic but efficient heatspreader in kits up to 32GB in size and speeds up to 2400 11-13-13 @ 1.65V.

For all the above memory modules Essencore says that the product goes through strict quality and reliability testing. All the above modules come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

TweakTown notes that SK Hynix provides DRAM ICs to the likes of Corsair and G.SKILL. With its own high-end gaming memory brand it is now hoping to nurture could SK Hynix's best chips be earmarked for Essencore's KLEVV products? It will be interesting to see how things pan out.

KLEVV Gaming Modules will be initially available in the US only, with distribution via Newegg and Amazon.com.

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Stupidly big HS on them.
Stupidly big HS on them.
Unfortunately I am old enough to remember car bonnets with a “power bulge” and suspect the same marketing reasons apply :)

I must admit to some doubt about heat spreaders, so many are thick enough to touch when 4 slots are populated, and may therefore even reduce the cooling area.
I quite like the look of them! :D

Would definitely make a change from my Samsung Greens.
They look far too tall…..or is there a DDR4-directive to never place RAM slots near CPU coolers now?
They look big and stupid.

And I would totes buy them in red.