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Enermax unveils 'Royal' family of PSUs

by Navin Maini on 17 October 2011, 16:57

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Enermax has unveiled its Platimax series of PSUs, which are claimed to deliver efficiency levels of 90 to 94 per cent, at loads of between 20 and 100 per cent. Bearing 80 PLUS Platinum status, Enermax claims that it's the first manufacturer to debut a series of SKUs with such accreditation - in flavours ranging from 500W through to 1500W.



The first models to become available are the 750W (£184.90), 850W (£224.90) and 1200W (£299.90) options, which will be joined - in November - by the 500W (£159.90), 600W (£169.90), 1000W (£254.90) and 1500W (£334.90) SKUs. Enermax details that whilst the 1000W and lower models are based on an improved version of 'Dynamic Hybrid Transformer Topology' (DHT) design, the 1200W and 1500W varieties utilise 'Full-Zone Magnetic Quadrant Transformer Design' (FMQ) - just like its MaxRevo line.

Whilst the range features a multi-rail design (3 to 6 depending on model), Enermax advises that a 1000W OC Edition SKU - which will deliver up to 83A (996W) on a single rail - is also in the works. We're also told that the company has paid particular attention to cooling, by optimising component layout and utilising a high-quality cooling system. The cooling fan comes with RPM control, and thanks to its 'Twister' bearing, operating noise levels are apparently kept well in check.

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very very nice. I hope its worth the rather high price… With that efficiency, it should be.
That is nearly twice the price I paid for my Enermax NAXN 750W(Compared to the Platimax 750W). While I recognise the increase in quality and efficiency I wouldn't be able to justify an extra £80 for it.

My current PSU should last me a long time, the overhead I have to work with should allow for lots of overclocking and dual graphics setups for the foreseeable future.
£159.90 for a 500W PSU, no matter how efficient it is, is asking a too much
Enermax launch a platipus, a rare beast and at that price unlikely to be seen in the wild very often
Look, Platinum series is not aimed at normal users. It is purely targeted at geeks and extreme OC-ers. Market where high price is NOT an issue.