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Enermax delivers MaxRevo PSUs

by Navin Maini on 23 June 2011, 16:44

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We heard about MaxRevo PSUs from Enermax during CeBIT, and the company has officially launched its flagship range today.



Available in modular 1,350W and 1,500W varieties, MaxRevo PSUs are equipped with six 12V rails, promising stability and efficiency. Certified as meeting the requirements for 80PLUS Gold accreditation, it's claimed that efficiency reaches up to between 90 and 94 per cent at 230V, with loads of between 20 and 100 per cent.

The manufacturer adds that it has used ‘Copper-Bridge Array' transmission technology to reduce signal resistance, thereby delivering a cleaner DC output. Technological advancements apparently also mean that there's more space inside the PSU, aiding airflow, and assisting the ‘silent' Twister fan to maintain an optimal operating environment.

If the MaxRevo satisfies a penchant for power, you can expect the 1,350W flavour to come in at £289.90 including VAT. The MaxRevo 1,500W, comes in at £319.90 including VAT.

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1,500W Bloody hell you will be able to run the Delorean off PC PSUs soon!
I would rather see more less powerful psu's hittingc loser too 100% efficiency. Don't think we need any more psu's over 1kw.
I agree, or decent <300W PSUs for normal systems.
I swear PSUs are going to have to start coming with an aircon unit. Imagine sitting in any kind of normal room in the summer, with 1.5 kW of PSU heating on the go… My study is bad enough as it is, and I've only got a 600 Watt PSU.