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Enermax goes for a doorstop sandwich with NAXN PSUs

by Navin Maini on 16 March 2011, 15:55

Tags: Enermax (8093.TWO)

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Enermax may have some very large aspirations yet, that hasn't stopped the company launching a doorstop sandwich of power supplies, known as NAXN.

Getting out the butter, NAXN wants to get as many words in edgeways, as possible. Dual 12V rails come as standard with the 350W ENP350AGT, 450W ENP450AGT and 550W ENP550AWT models, that Enermax believes will particularly stand out to system integrators and the budget market. Prices here begin at under £40, including VAT for the 350W model.

Making a tasty filling, the 450W ENP450AWT, 500W ENP500AWT and 600W ENP600AWT models carry the torch, with the company vying to firmly shine in the mainstream market with pricing starting at under £59, including VAT. 80 PLUS certification is included with effective cooling fan control, and HeatGuard condiments making a liberal appearance.

NAXN doesn't want to leave the performance market out of the portrait though. The 750W ENM750AWT and 850W ENM850AWT models are all organic wholegrain smiles, offering what is described as a rich and flexible modular cable management system, whilst also featuring 80 PLUS Bronze certification. Advanced PWM control and a silent 12cm fan solution are the claimed finishing touches with Enermax attaching a price-tag of under £130, including VAT to the 850W ENM850AWT.

Lending an olive-branch to Mother Earth, the NAXN family confirms to ErP Lot 6 regulations for standby power consumption and should be available immediately.    

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