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Nvidia patent application reveals its possible VR Headset plans

by Mark Tyson on 9 June 2015, 13:11


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An Nvidia patent application appears to show a VR headset with a "high-end" CPU and GPU built-in to the head mounted wireless capable unit. According to VR Focus, the processor used will be the Tegra X1 Super Chip. Due to the presence of the 'Super Chip' this device could be both a competitor to the likes of the Oculus Rift and HTC Valve Vive and also a self-contained SHIELD VR machine with access to Nvidia GRID.

Nvidia's patent application appears to show that its headset is much more compact than rival designs. Despite its size it offers power on tap thanks to the combination of; a "high-end processor", three pairs of cameras and a wireless streaming adapter.

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The camera configuration on the Nvidia VR headset plans is particularly interesting. Users will benefit from cameras that survey the side, front and down angles on both left and right sides of the headset. The look-down cameras are said, in the patent application, to be able to track user gestures with "sub-millimetre movement resolution". That sounds very accurate.Could this mean that no PS Move/Wii wand style hand controllers will be necessary with this device? Such accurate tracking might mean you can use your own pointing peripherals (like gun/rifle models for example) in your VR experience.

Finally we also see a wireless network adapter is present which could help facilitate that preferred untethered VR experience. This could be used for various purposes such as multiplayer in self-contained SHIELD games, game streaming from your PC and game streaming from the Nvidia GRID subscription library.

Nvidia released its new GameWorks VR SDK only last week at Computex. Hopefully it will provide more details about its VR Headset plans as soon as next week, at the E3 2015 games show.

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Yay, more VR stuff!
Wake me when I can actually buy one, though…!
Yay, more VR stuff!
Wake me when I can actually buy one, though…!
VR used to stand for Virtual Reality, yet somehow with all these promises of new devices every few months I'm starting to think that it stands for Vapourware Repeated, but maybe I'm being a bit harsh.

I wonder what we will see first, VR headsets or Half Life 3?

Place your bets please….