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Kingston claims first 128GB Flash drive

by Scott Bicheno on 15 June 2009, 18:29

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Two to the seven

Memory giant Kingston Technology has announced it is first to market with a 128GB capacity USB flash drive.

"The DataTraveler 200's immense 128GB storage capability lets users store as much data as 182 music CDs or up to 27 DVD movies," said Jim Selby, European product marketing manager at Kingston.

As you would expect, all this yummy storage comes at a cost; the 128GB version is expected to come in at £334.22, with the 64GB costing less than a third of that at £111.16.

Rival company Patriot Memory showed us a 128GB drive at this year's Computex, so we can only assume Kingston has won the race to get product into the channel.

Having said that we couldn't find them, even for pre-order, at two of Kingston's recommended e-tailers - ebuyer and dabs - and we're hoping to get clarification on when you can actually buy one from Kingston soon.


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