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Gigabyte announces the Aorus M4 RGB gaming mouse

by Mark Tyson on 13 May 2019, 14:31

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Gigabyte has announced the Aorus M4 gaming mouse. In brief, this is a symmetrically designed rodent to suit both lefties and righties, and it packs in a high-end on-the-fly adjustable Pixart 3988 optical sensor, an on-board ARM processor and memory, long-life Omron switches, and multi-zone RGB Fusion 2.0 lighting frills.

The new Gigabyte Aorus M4 RGB gaming mouse is said to be ergonomic, yet equally suitable for left- or right-handed folk. Its left- and right-handed utility is ensured by the two pairs of side buttons. Meanwhile the main left- and right- main mouse buttons use Japanese Omron switches which provide pleasant tactile feedback and should last for over 50 million clicks. Central to the mouse there is a clickable scroll wheel and a DPPI toggle button. Anti-slip textured rubber grips feature on both sides of the mouse, beneath the side buttons.

Inside the Aorus M4 you will find a Pixart 3988 enthusiast-grade 6400 dpi optical sensor. The sensitivity can be adjusted in 50dpi increments. Gigabyte says that the Pixart 3988 is capable of 200ips tracking speed and 50G acceleration, giving you "the ultimate accuracy for competitive gaming". Mouse profiles and presents are facilitated by the 32-bit ARM processor and built-in storage - to save configuration data in the mouse.

If you own other Gigabyte Aorus RGB peripherals, the Aorus M4 will fit in nicely with its RGB Fusion 2.0 compatibility and sync via Aorus Engine. A variety of lighting effects are available, however I'm not sure whether the three lighting zones shown in the images are independently controllable - whether there are multiple zones for lighting control of the logo, mouse wheel and mouse front areas.

Other vital statistics for the Gigabyte Aorus M4 RGB gaming mouse are:

  • Sensitivity: 50~6400dpi with 50dpi increments (Default: 400/800/1600/3200dpi)
  • Report Rate: 125/ 500/ 1000Hz
  • Cable Length: 1.8m matte black PVC cable
  • Dimension: 122.4(L) x 66.26(W) x 40.05(H) mm
  • Weight: 98g +- 1%

Gigabyte hadn't provided us with pricing or availability today. The right handed Aorus M3 with the same sensor and similar features (but no on-board memory) is currently priced at under £30 in the UK.


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Not enough buttons for me, i'm a lazy gamer that MUST have as many buttons on my mouse as possible, currently rockin' a Roccat Kone Aimo with easy shift button greatness :)
Currently rocking a Roccat Kova ambi-mouse, but I've yet to find a single one where the off-side buttons aren't tripped by my fingers. My lack of faith in this is disturbing…