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Google announces OnHub, "a different kind of router"

by Mark Tyson on 19 August 2015, 11:10


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Google has entered the home router business with a new product called OnHub. This is a Wi-Fi router it has designed in collaboration with TP-Link. Google says that OnHub users will experience "a different kind of router for a new way to Wi-Fi," eliminating common problems of spotty connections and providing Wi-Fi that's "fast, secure, and easy to use".

The tall cylindrical design of the router stems from its accommodation of six 2.4GHz antennas and six 5GHz internal antennas in pairs, 120 degrees apart, in a circular array. Google reckons that as its OnHub looks so good you will not want to squirrel it away in a dark cupboard, it will perform better as it is out in the open. The router design has eliminated the usual blinking lights with "subtle, useful lighting". The dimmable light ring uses one of four colours to indicate status.

OnHub software is said to constantly working in the background to avoid interference and keep the network flowing at its peak. It will be kept up to date with the latest features and security updates straight from Google. The router is said to be easy to set up and Wi-Fi is easy to manage using the Google On app on your Android or iOS smartphone. The app has extra functionality such as bandwidth monitoring and prioritisation, and diagnostics. Google makes it easy to share the router password via text or email.

Google's OnHub is available for pre-order now for $199.99 in the US and will become available in retail stores in the US and Canada in the coming weeks. The OnHub range will be expanded with other devices including one made by ASUS which will be announced later this year.

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I usually just accept when Google release stuff that the price to pay is your privacy or browsing habits. But going full-on Saracen mode here - I'd never ever ever have my networking gear provided by Google, imagine how much lovely data they'd cream off that. Makes me feel uneasy..

Does look nice, though.
Yeah, I'm in Saracen mode here too, there isn't a chance in hell I'd let Google (or any ‘data’ focused company) have access to my router with the ability to update it to do whatever it wants when it automatically updates it's firmware :rolleyes:.
rofl -> So our very own Saracen has a specific mode now, what next, foil hats alround?!!
Haha at the Saracen mode comments; I thought the same immediately.

I'm usually not too bothered about privacy stuff too but having every single website, cookie etc being given to Google?

No thank you!
First screen of app is probably “Share usage data and porn viewing habits with Google? Yes/Yes”