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New LG LCD panels... works with Vista...oooh

by Nick Haywood on 9 January 2007, 07:10

Tags: LG

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Slap a certification on them then...

CES 2007 LG Electronics have revealed a new line-up of LCD monitors, interestingly “Certified for Windows Vista”… so that means widescreen LCDs then?

There are four models, which range in size from 19- to 22-inches and incorporate Microsoft’s Industrial Design Toolkit.

According to the gumph here, LG’s “Certified for Windows Vista” FLATRON monitors are optimized to work with Microsoft’s new operating system. What this translates to is that users will get a widescreen for more on-screen real estate, high resolution for HD stuff and a few other handy features for the big, scary world of Vista…

The topline 19” to 22” models, (there’s two 22” versions, the L226WTQ-WF and L226WA-WF) use LG’s Digital Fine Contrast Technology to boost the contrast ratio to 3,000:1, which is impressive and most likely one of the highest available on the market today. They all have a superbly fast 2ms response time which helps give a sharp, crisp image with reduced motion artifacts. LG’s “ez Zooming” technology will let users quickly change the size/resolution with the click of a button, which could be handy for smaller fonts or images that need to be magnified. Oh and the difference between the two 22 inchers? The L226WA-WF also includes AV inputs. All four monitors incorporate DVI with HDCP for Windows Vista support and, of course, RGB.

But the real trick in these new panels is LG’s f-ENGINE, the world’s first picture-enhancing chip for desktop monitors. f-ENGINE enhances brightness and color independently of each other, which allows you to fine tune the picture for your exact needs.

LG’s LCD line-up also includes the 24-inch FLATRON L246WP. This is a bit of a monster and might be just the thing for gamers looking for a larger screen size. With a 1920 x 1200 resolution, 1,000:1 contrast ratio the only thing that lets it down in my book is the relatively slow 8ms response time, that said, users should experience very little image blurring… but why take the chance? Just get a quick response time monitor… But then again, the FLATRON L246WP does have HDMI and component inputs, making a bit more tempting for the avid gamer with plenty to hook up.

Check back soon for more from CES 2007.


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Well, in that case, my monitor is ‘Certified for Vista’… in the sense that it connects to my computer and works…

I get the point of this certification for Vista with new technologies like the hybrid hard-drives, Sideshow devices etc. but other than to confuse non-technical people into buying new stuff, does it actually make a difference?

I've been using my monitor with Vista for over a month now, and even longer with Betas and Release Candidates, and it's never for one second failed to do anything required of it. My friend has been using a CRT with the Betas and RCs and not had any issues. Why should a monitor need Vista certification? ‘Vista compatible’ or ‘Works with Vista’ perhaps, but a ‘Vista Certified’ tells me that there must be some monitors that don't work at all.
Does it mean it has HDCP?
IM still using a Iiyama Vison Master Pro454 CRT, and when I was running vista beta, it certainly had no problems with vista…

This “vista certified” thing sounds like marketing waffle.