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Philips launches 'virtually seamless' 2-in-1 monitor

by Mark Tyson on 4 June 2014, 10:49

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Philips is showing off an interesting new monitor design at Computex Taipei. The tech firm has paired two ultra-thin bezel 19-inch display panels with a single stand which allows each to be rotated up to 22.5 degrees. This new display product, the 19DP6QJNS, has won a 2014 COMPUTEX d&i Gold Award for outstanding innovation.

This "virtually seamless" display does have a minimal seam of 3.5mm of bezel according to Phillips. Such a thin border and the unified space-saving adjustable stand are the obvious buyer benefits over simply buying and arranging their own twin-monitor setup.

Interestingly Philips has equipped each monitor panel with a different choice of input ports. The 19DP6QJNS has one DisplayPort and VGA input on the first display, and one VGA input and one MHL-enabled HDMI input on the second display unit. As many HEXUS readers will know the MHL connectivity is great for smartphone or tablet display on your big screen monitor. Philips has also put two USB 2.0 ports on either display unit for your convenience.

The virtually seamless Philips 19DP6QJNS monitor goes on sale in autumn this year. It's currently on show at Philips' booth 10407 at Computex. While the utility and convenience of the unified stand and minimal bezel is surely attractive, hopefully the pricing will be realistic. Also it could be good to see both larger display options and a triple display version.

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that is awesome, hope to see 22"/1200P options for dual and tri display
um…. why is the first thought here. Considering you can get 21:9 monitors now it kind of defeats the point of the dual monitor set up at this size. I could understand it if it was say 2x 24inch or bigger with 1080p+ resolutions but honestly at 19inches it's just odd.
For most people 19 inch is annoyingly small these days, so no good for single screen work. For dual screen it STILL has a bezel even if smaller, so it still won't be suitable for spreading a big webpage / word doc right across the screen.
Awesome but i need a 3 in 1 , not a 2 in one :) and oh yeah 28-30 inch, 2048 or 4k resolution … at least and for an affordable price , wich philips can't do , will wait for samsung or any of the others who can do that at a low price
I agree - I don't really understand who this is targeted at. My first thought, with it being ‘virtually’ seamless was gamers, but I don't know any gamer who'd be interested in a 19" monitor.

The whole ‘virtually seamless’ thing is nothing you can't achieve with separate monitors, even on a fairly sensible budget. I have a pair of relatively inexpensive Dell UltraSharp U2414H monitors with a seam of less than 1cm from pixel to pixel in the middle. Additionally, having two separate monitors has more advantages over having a pair essentially welded together in the middle.